A spark of creativity

It had been a year’s hiatus from crocheting when I decided to pick up my hook again. A couple weeks ago the drive to crochet came back and it has been pushing me full force ever since.


I decided to start with something simple–a winter scarf and I found that I had plenty of yarn still from the previous year #yarnstash and I had super chunky wool to make it a fast project. Never mind the fact that it was late winter and seemed to be warming up though the blizzard would change that.


Fast forward to the blizzard where I had enough groceries but did I have enough to craft with?? I panicked a little. Then I remembered all the yarn I had not just in my closet but in my craft storage! It had been a year everyone. I had simply forgotten. I was going to make shorts for my seven year old cousin but with the colors and amount of yarn I had, a better idea arose. I would make overalls for my favorite one year old  Lilah!

I was still playing with the idea of making swimsuits but after my next crochet project, I consulted with a fellow maker and she advised that I find a focus. The answer was clear. I would make children’s clothing, which was perfect because I had already had forays into making children’s accessories.

Over the course of this blog I hope to document my adventures in making children’s clothing and share crochet techniques from beginners to advanced as well as incorporating a bit of sewing in there. Hope everyone enjoys the journey with me!


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