Aguja de Jamaica

Aguja de Jamaica or Jamaican hook is a play on words from Agua de Jamaica or Jamaican water which is a sorrel drink popular in Jamaica but also consumed in parts of the Caribbean and Latin America. I named my intercultural communication class paper Agua de Jamaica because of the cross cultural interaction between myself, of Jamaican heritage, and my closest friends who are of Mexican heritage.


The above outfit is a product of such cross cultural interaction. I made this overalls style dress for my friend’s one year old daughter who is of Mexican heritage. The design is inspired by traditional Mexican dress and the headband adds a touch of Frida Kahlo. The royal blue yarn I chose actually reminds me of the blue house Frida lived in.


This look was accomplished through the execution of proper crochet decreases, surface crochet and the use of crocheted flowers for a three dimensional embellished look. I also made use of sequins for the first time.

The decrease for the bottom half  was tricky as I’ve usually only done decreases in the round for winter beanies. This is why my first overalls attempt pictured in my “A spark of creativity ” post looks flared out and bell shaped. I finally figured out the decrease by determining how many stitches would be decreased over a specific number of rows and that determined how many stitches I would be dropping every row. Simple math. Right?

Surface crochet is done with a hook and akin to chain stitch in embroidery which is done with a needle.  You can use either to draw on a crocheted piece.

Three dimensional flowers can be made with crochet for any piece be it knitted or sewn. The technique generally consists of multiple double crochets in one stitch separated by chain skips and slip stitches or single crochet. I will make a video in the future and link it here for making different floral embellishments.  I will also be posting videos of crochet basics for reference.

For the style of the dress I used a pair of 2t  overalls I had as well as a onesie for reference and then made it my own by adding other stylistic elements. Inspiration starts in your closet. Just find a comfortable style and make it your own.



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