My journey into the textile arts started around six years ago but my interest went back a decade earlier. As a child in Jamaica I discovered some crochet hooks and yarn that were in a barrel. These items went back even further, before my birth, and were the reason for the crocheted doilies everywhere around the house; something that was quintessentially  Jamaican. I had this idea that I was going to crochet doll clothes. I had all these fashion ideas in my head but alas I was never taught.

Fast forward ten years and I begin to find a renewed interest in crocheting with the advent of sites like pinterest that were all about DIY and creativity. Crochet tools were a luxury though as times were hard and I soon found myself homeless at the age of nineteen by myself. Being undocumented did not help my situation.

Ironically it was this time when I entered the shelter system that I would learn to crochet and I found many other women who crocheted. The woman who was kind enough to help me get my resident status was not only Jamaican but an avid crocheter. Before I got my status there would be some waiting with lots of paperwork and court dates in between.

Being in such a limbo both in terms of housing and legal status caused veritable angst and crochet was there through out to soothe it. I learned fast and I was soon known for my crochet skills and as a volunteer at the local library. I am so grateful for the arts and craft class that taught me crochet in the shelter, the public library which was indispensable and the company of women crocheters I came across. Crocheting not only provided me with comfort but with a skill that I could take and make my own.

That type of empowerment is what I want this site to be about. It is about finding strength and creativity in your background or in adversity. Crochet has followed me through starting college, my jobs and making new friendships. I hope you follow me as I continue to crochet and explore textile art and life in general.